About Me



In a nutshell


✳︎Born February 22nd, 1971

✳︎Native to nowhere  (military parents)

✳︎Love to read, attend UFO conventions(Yeah, that's what I just said. HA! I'm a believer 👽), do yoga (when I actually work out at all), eat sushi, have cocktails and laughs with my amazing friends, binge on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and hang with my awesome husband.

✳︎Some Fave Movies/TV: Wonder Woman, Office Space (see below..lol), Spy, Old School, Schitt's Creek, Friends, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones to name a few.

✳︎Fave color: tie between cobalt blue and turquoise


So, if you're reading this , you're obviously really into doing your research! Love that. So here's my story... I've been an Aesthetician for over 15 years and I truly love my job. Even when I'm not at work, I'm usually researching something having to do with my field or taking continuing education classes. It's truly a part of who I am. In my former life, I've worked in retail, and even a traditional corporate environment. Seriously, I lived the movie Office Space...ha! 

My service specialties are Eyebrow Shaping, Facials, Tinting, and Lash Lifts. My studio environment is super cool, private and comfortable, if I do say so myself. You may only be visiting for a 25 minute Eyebrow Shaping, but dammit, you're gonna be relaxed for that 25 minutes! Another thing you can count on with me is that I almost always (yes, there is the rare exception) run ON TIME. Just a little bit of brutal honesty...if running on time or early is not your scene, you may want to continue your Aesthetician search. I'm pretty feisty about this point 😜  But if getting effective and relaxing services from a seriously passionate, well trained and reliable Aesthetician IS your thing, then I'm your girl. Whatever or whomever you choose, go in love and light.

See ya in the treatment room people of the Earth 😉