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CIT (Micro-Needling) - $225 per treatment/ $600 for package of 3

Such a game changer!! CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy), also known as micro-needling creates micro channels in the skin using a device that has 12 or 36 sterile teeny tiny needles. This stimulates the release of growth factors which result in the production of collagen in addition to the refinement of your pores, overall skin texture and brightening. This remodeling process can continue for months following the treatment.  The treatment steps will consist of a cleanse, CIT, High Frequency (to kill bacteria and help prevent breakouts),  red or blue LED light treatment (for skin calming/healing and cell regeneration), and serum application.  I highly recommend doing at least 1 series of 3 CIT per year. Improves overall tone, texture, scarring, and fine lines. Let's get that collagen production going!


You will need to avoid tanning at least 4 weeks prior (really protect your skin from the sun using sunscreen leading up to service), no strenuous exercise immediately before treatment, avoid caffeine before arriving, avoid medications such as: Aleve, Advil, cold remedies, Vitamin E or aspirin 5 days before, avoid Retin-A, chemical peels, injectable fillers or Botox 2 weeks prior, if you're prone to cold sores you'll want to make sure you have your scrip on hand as this treatment can stimulate them, drink lots of water, it's also very helpful if you take 1000mg of vitamin c and 2000 iu of vitamin D3 (pre and post) to greatly aid in the healing process. Please avoid all blood thinning supplements 1 week prior such as: Vita A, Vita E, Ginkgo, Garlic, Flax, Cod Liver Oil, Niacin, and Fish Oils.

- You will need to purchase numbing cream($40) from me prior to your appt. Just text me to arrange a pick up.

- Waiver (located at bottom of this page) must be signed.


- Apply your numbing cream 30 to 60 minutes PRIOR to appointment. *You can arrive with it still on your face. I will wash it off for you.* Do NOT rub it in. Just apply a generous layer evenly around the face and leave it for 30 to 60 minutes.

- Bring a hat to your appointment to protect your skin from the sun.


 No make up for at least 12 hours (preferable 24), no topical sunscreen for at least 12 hours (preferable 24), no exercise for 24 hours, avoid saunas, chlorinated pools, ocean swimming, steam rooms, hot baths/showers until redness is gone, just gentle cleansing, and no scrubbing, no skin brushes (Clarisonic etc), no exfoliation products of any kind for 72 hours, no waxing/facials/Botox, injectable fillers or any skin treatments for 10 days, drink LOTS of water (6-8 glasses per day or more, this is very important for cell regeneration!) Do not touch, pick or scratch at your skin. And remember...the channels of your skin are very open for the first day or 2. You really need to make sure you are not touching your face with dirty hands. Also, be sure your cell phone is CLEAN. If you wear glasses, make sure they too are clean. If you're feeling itchy or sensitive, this is normal. Just apply a cool compress to the face and follow the rest of the instructions above. 

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