What if I'm late?

Generally, I DO NOT TAKE LATE ARRIVALS. If you are going to be late, you need to contact me asap. If you're late, there's a chance I will have to cancel your appointment so that I can stay on time with the rest of my schedule. Please do not just show up hoping that I will be able to take you.

Why are you so strict about being on time for appointments?

Ok, here comes a little tough love....We are all big boys and girls here. Your appointment time is your appointment time. I realize, for some in my industry, it is standard practice to double book/overbook and run late all day. I choose not to run my business in this way.  If I take everyone late, then I will run late ALL day and that is not fair to the clients who made the effort to arrive on time for their appointments. One of the things many of my clients like about me is that I am very rarely late. They know they can count on me to be on time and they can move on with their day. So, all that said, please know that if you are late, there is a strong possibility that I will cancel your appointment. Your best bet is to call or text me and verify whether or not I will still be able to take you. I understand that things come up. It's happened to all of us. And I am completely understanding of that situation. I just ask that you be understanding as well if I have to reschedule your appointment. 💙

What is your cancellation policy?

48 HOURS NOTICE IS REQUIRED FOR CANCELLATION. Less than the required notice will result in a 50% charge of the service booked. When you cancel last minute, you affect me and someone who wanted to make an appointment in that time slot. To avoid charges, please look over my cancellation policy.

Can I bring my children to my appointment?

Under 10, no, unless they are receiving a service. While I do love meeting all your little ones, due to liability reasons, I prefer that there be no children in my room during any appointment. Generally, if your child is 10 or over, it's not a problem for them to attend any of your short services such as a brow wax, but NOT during any other type of service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Apple Pay. Charges will show up as Andrea Minor on your account. If possible, please do not come in with large bills to break. I don't often have a lot of change. NO CHECKS.

What days are you off?

Sundays and Mondays. The only exception to this is around the busy holiday season or if I am going on a vacation. During those times, I may add more days and hours.

No call/no show policy.

We all forget appointments from time to time. I totally get that. But if you repeatedly do this, it's a problem. But please note the following: For existing clients, If you no show/no call me, PLEASE EXPECT TO BE INVOICED FOR !00% OF THE SERVICE BOOKED. Repeated no shows will result in suspended booking. **IF YOU NO CALL/NO SHOW ME ON YOUR VERY 1ST APPOINTMENT BOOKED,  NO FUTURE BOOKINGS WILL BE PERMITTED :(

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