What kind of wax do you use?

I have 2 different types of wax in my arsenal: 1 soft wax (strips used to remove the wax, and 1 hard wax (wax hardens on its own and is removed. All the wax brands I use are of very high quality and designed for even the most sensitive skin. 

Can I bring in my young child (ages 8 or above) for an eyebrow wax?

Absolutely. It's usually best to start them with just a center of brow wax (there is a service option for this on the wax menu). Otherwise, it's totally fine to have them do a full eyebrow wax. I usually will educate them a bit on what a natural brow should look like and how to take care of them. And don't worry, I would NEVER over thin a child's eyebrows. I want them to realize right from the start the importance of honoring their natural brow shape.

I use a prescription topical cream for acne. Can I still get my eyebrows waxed?

You will need to discontinue use of the topical anywhere in and around your eyebrows for at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment, especially if you have been using the product for an extended period of time. Topical acne medications have a tendency to thin out the skin, thus potentially causing issues when waxing. As a rule, you should never be applying right under the brows anyway as this skin is already thin, so please avoid that area. And please remember, always let your Aesthetician know that you are using any prescription topical medication BEFORE he or she waxes you. 

Do you wax men?

Absolutely. The waxing services I offer for men are: eyebrows, nose, and ears.  And guys, don't worry, I won't make your eyebrows look "girly"! ;) 

Do you do Body waxing?

No, facial waxing only.






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