Bikram Yoga On Decatur

This is a pretty intense type of yoga. 26 postures, and 2 breathing exercises done in 105 degree heat for 90 minutes. Yes, I know what you're thinking, but it really is fantastic! This is one of my favorite studios in town to practice. And though I do like other types of "gentle" yoga, to be honest, none do what this yoga does for me. Just sayin. But do what feels right for your beautiful body! xoxo

Modo Yoga Las Vegas

Gorgeous hot yoga studio, also offering Yin and barre classes.


This is a huge community of small businesses that make and/or provide a wide variety of products. You can find really cool, unique gifts here. Everything from jewelry, to bags, clothes, skincare, furniture, you name it! 



Sunfood carries a wide variety of health foods, supplements, products and books. The quality of their products is amazing and they are a wealth of knowledge on the topic of superfoods.   

The Longevity Warehouse 

Another great source for hard to find superfoods, herbs, supplements, and many other types of health products. Also, tons of great informative videos. 

Food Matters 

A wonderful resource for nutrition information.  


Stylish reusable shopping bags. 

Chico Bags 

More stylish reusable shopping bags. Love how these fold into an attached pouch! 

Geneva Wallace-Marriage and Family Counseling, Psychotherapist

When I just need a little impartial, outside guidance....Gen Wallace is my go to gal. 702-363-7284

IMR Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Experts and the #1 provider of Cupping Therapy in Las Vegas. Beautiful, clean and relaxing environment. Both myself and my husband get treatments here. 

Elevated-Infrared Sauna Center(Located in The District, upstairs from Sola!)

The healing benefits of Infrared Sauna are endless. I highly recommend checking it out!






The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional It is simply a listing of some of my favorite informational sites. Obviously, do your own research, and find what feels right for you.