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Alima Pure 

Gorgeous mineral make up and some of my favorite tinted lip balms. Their foundation finish is satin, not shimmery, and not too matte. Looks really good when you spray a hydrating toner over the top! They also have cream foundations now.

Vapour Organic Beauty 

Known for their luscious foundation and glowy primer. And home to my fave deodorant!

W3LL People 

Love their saying "Hippie Tested. Diva Approved."  High performing chemical free make up created by a dynamic duo of a make up guru, Cosmetic Dermatologist, and a Treehugger! The finish of their powder foundation is more satin. The stick has a slightly more dewy look, but not greasy or shiny. And LOVE love their Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer!


Seriously, one of my most fave lipstick brands! Some of their products can be found at Sephora Online. But for the full range, I suggest going directly through their site. As of late, the only lipsticks I buy are either Axiology or Kosas!


And one other super fave lipstick brands. They only offer a limited amount of colors that can be worn by any skin range. I constantly get compliments when I wear their lipstick. So, true story...I own ALL of their lipstick colors. LOL!  Awesome staying power but still nourishing for the lips. I'm also obsessed with their powder blush! Goes on in such a beautiful light and diffused way. Looks like a lit from within flush.



These products are just things that I  happen to like. Obviously, always do your own research, and find what feels right for you. xoxo.


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