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Eyebrow and Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Shaping - $20

Not only do I have over 15 years experience, but I've taken advanced Eyebrow classes with Arch Addicts and Kelley Baker, and I take the art of brow shaping seriously. Eyebrows are a VERY important but often neglected facial feature. This simple and inexpensive service can really open up and brighten the eye area giving a more youthful appearance. Brows are shaped gently using wax (hard and/or soft wax, depending on the condition of your skin) , tweezers and a bit of trimming. Please be prepared: If your eyebrows are extremely thin, I will ask that you try growing them in for a few months, and abstain from any and all home maintenance. Say NO to über thin, harsh, and aging brows!

NOTE: If you are using ANY Retin A type products/topicals, over the counter or prescription...PLEASE TELL ME! These products can really thin the skin over time and make waxing you like trying to wax a piece of tissue paper without removing any layers...yipes. I will still be able to shape your brows with other methods safely 


Lip and Brow - $25

Lip - $10

Lip/Brow/Chin - $40

Nostrils - $10- Just the hairs peeking outside to say hello. I leave the protective ones deeper inside.

Ears - $15

Full Face - $50- Eyebrows, lip, chin, nostrils, sideburn area



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